Week 3

Hi guys!! Welcome back, things are in cruise mode on this side, not much life-changing events happenning but things are moving at a nice pace. Sunada Music’s Facebook Page has been been getting a nice feedback from our post, we even got contacted by one of the singer from a video we posted =). Rita-Silva.com has released a post last week that talks about How Watercolor Painting Evolved Throught The Ages, go check it and subscribe. As for Pinterest i managed to get around 100 more followers since last week, sitting at 726 at the moment. I found out that joining collaborative board gives you a lot more exposure. So if you’re struggling with getting more followers you should give it a go. Note that you might get flooded with messages from that board, people tend to spam a lot. I’m still mid-way on Marketing 3.0 but i hope to make a quick resume of it anytime soon.

Signing out for today, meet you next sat.



Happy New Year! Week 1 & 2

Happy new year guys!!! 2017 starts and it will, hopefuly, be a good year.

To sum up these 2 weeks first of all was a great nye party with my band at a 5 star hotel..wink wink! Then back to real life.

My affiliate prog. hasn’t been selling at all but  there is a reason for that.. i stopped working on Quora.com for a while not that i wanted to but because of excessive online and offline work. I’m still working with Pinterest.com tho. Trying to build my audience, 650 followers at the moment. Goal is to reach around 10K.

As for other online work i’ve been planning a line of blog posts about art for Rita-Silva.com you can subscribe to our newsletter on the footer of the site. And also with Sunadamusic.com we started doing a daily posts on our Facebook Page. These are music related posts that will be posted at 2pm utc/gmt. We found that this was the time that we catch the hole world awake, as it will be morning in the US, afternoon in Europe and night in Asia. Lets see if it works this way.

With the new year came a new book to the office. I’m now reading Marketing 3.0 by the master Philip Kotler. Found it in a book store with a …10€ discout..wow!! This book talks about the evolution of marketing from 1.0 – Product Focused Marketing, to  2.0 – Customer Focused Marketing, and now 3.0 – Values and Vision Focused Marketing. As been a great read so far, i might do a more detailed review of it later on. There is already Marketing 4.0 which talks about going from Traditional to Digital marketing. I want to get my hands on this one for sure!!! But i’ll cross that bridge when i get there.

Aaaand… thats it.

Thanks for taking the time and see you next week!


Hello Web World! – Week 0

So…Hi! I recently decided to start documenting my journey at becoming an online entrepreneur. I’ve been unenployed since October 2016 but not exactly chilling.. i have been working with my wife on her artist website http://www.rita-silva.com and i’m also with a business partner on our booking agency at http://www.sunadamusic.com .

I’ve always loved computer, games and web dev. and now i have a strong background in sales. I’m not an avid book reader although i enjoy business/marketing books. So far i’ve read these:

The top three are about branding and marketing your business/brand, the 4th one is like a business anatomy. The most important of all is the last book that teaches you how to effectively comunicate with people and how to influence them.

I’ve been reading a lot about the affiliate marketing…i heard about it in the past… and for what it seems it kind of blends all of the things i like together. So i decided to give it a go and searched for unexpensive ways to generate traffic and sales, well the usual reasons. Some people where saying that Quora and Pinterest are good options to do that. “Is it free? Let’s try it!”. So far i’ve been doing this affiliate marketing for close to 2 weeks working on both platforms and my stats indicate that Quora generates less traffic but has better conversion and Pinterest directs traffic but no sales yet. Actually the numbers i generated in 2 weeks are hilariously bad but i just wanted to point out that maybe it can work. Also note that Quora doesn’t really allow affiliate links so do not use more than 1-2 links per answer or else they will ban it. Now i know that lol :p .

For next year i will try to put up a blog post every Saturday talking about what happened the week before and what are my goals to next week.

Before the end of the year i’m hoping to finish merging all my wife’s social media and put up a newsletter signup pop her site…. more on that nex year!! Happy new year guys