Hi guys!! Welcome back, things are in cruise mode on this side, not much life-changing events happenning but things are moving at a nice pace. Sunada Music’s Facebook Page has been been getting a nice feedback from our post, we even got contacted by one of the singer from a video we posted =). Rita-Silva.com has released a post last week that talks about How Watercolor Painting Evolved Throught The Ages, go check it and subscribe. As for Pinterest i managed to get around 100 more followers since last week, sitting at 726 at the moment. I found out that joining collaborative board gives you a lot more exposure. So if you’re struggling with getting more followers you should give it a go. Note that you might get flooded with messages from that board, people tend to spam a lot. I’m still mid-way on Marketing 3.0 but i hope to make a quick resume of it anytime soon.

Signing out for today, meet you next sat.



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